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Your Morris County Crime Defense Attorneys Will Help You Get Your Life Back

You need to take criminal charges very seriously. If you have been charged with a disorderly person offense or a felony-level offense in Randolph Township, NJ, the penalties could be severe: jail time, heavy fines, suspension of your driver’s license, and a permanent criminal record that you will have to explain for the rest of your life. You deserve an experienced legal advocate who will negotiate with the prosecutor to get your criminal charges dismissed and who will stand up for you in the courtroom, if necessary. The skilled criminal defense attorneys at Hanlon Dunn Robertson Schwartz are dedicated to protecting the rights of individuals accused of crimes in Randolph Township and everywhere else in Morris County, New Jersey. We will work with you to develop a personalized defense strategy and give you the best chance of winning your case.

The Hanlon Dunn legal team is prepared to represent you in Randolph Municipal Court. Whether you were charged with simple possession of marijuana or first offense DWI, we can help you beat your charges.

Randolph, NJ Attorneys Will Defend You Against Drug Possession Charges

When you hire Hanlon Dunn Robertson Schwartz to represent you in Randolph Municipal Court, you can expect a legal team that will fight to win your case. One of the firm’s criminal lawyers will handle your case from start to finish, including pre-trial negotiations with the prosecution and, if needed, trial in municipal court or superior court. Hanlon Dunn has successfully defended countless clients against criminal charges, including the following:

Robert Dunn, Gerard Hanlon, and the other lawyers at Hanlon Dunn Robertson Schwartz are dedicated to helping clients beat criminal charges in Morris County courtrooms, including Morris County Superior Court and Randolph Municipal Court. The Hanlon Dunn legal team has the experience, the knowledge, and the resources needed to win your case.

Hanlon Dunn Robertson Schwartz Will Help You Beat Your Criminal Charges

The aggressive criminal defense lawyers at Hanlon Dunn Robertson Schwartz will not rest until they have won your case – whether it means negotiating with the prosecutor to get your charges dismissed or arguing in court to get an acquittal. The Hanlon Dunn legal team includes attorneys who specialize in criminal defense and who have been recognized as New Jersey Super Lawyers. Beyond that, the firm’s legal team includes a former criminal prosecutor who knows the law and who understands the local courts in Morris County, NJ.

Individuals accused of crimes in Randolph, NJ know that they can trust the Hanlon Dunn legal team to do whatever it takes to preserve their legal rights, defend them against criminal charges, and ensure that they avoid the most severe penalties. The lawyers at Hanlon Dunn Robertson Schwartz know how difficult it can be for a person who was recently arrested and possibly detained in Morris County jail. That’s why the firm offers free initial consultations and the firm’s attorneys will even travel to see clients in jail, at the hospital, or at their residence.

Contact Skilled Randolph, New Jersey Criminal Defense and DWI Attorneys

Were you charged with a crime, or cited for a traffic violation, in Randolph Township, New Jersey? Then you are going to need an experienced Randolph criminal defense attorney on your side throughout the legal process. A conviction for a felony-level offense or a disorderly person offense could lead to severe penalties, while a DWI conviction will result in the loss of your driver’s license. Do not take any chances! The Randolph, NJ criminal defense lawyers at Hanlon Dunn Robertson Schwartz are available anytime, 24/7 to discuss your case. Call now to schedule a free initial consultation.

About the Randolph Township, NJ Area

Randolph is a township in Morris County, New Jersey. Randolph has a total geographic area of 21.1 square miles and is bordered by Chester Township, Denville, Dover, Mine Hill, Morris Township, Rockaway, and Roxbury. Unincorporated communities in Randolph include Black River Pond, Calis, Center Grove, Fernbrook, Mill Brook, Mount Fern, Mount Freedom, Shongum, and Youngstown. Some of the important landmarks in Randolph Township are Gristmill Road, Walnut Grove M.E. Church, Walnut Grove Baptist Cemetery, Samuel Allen House, Mott Hollow District, Millbrook School, Liberty Tree at Dell’s Corner, Combs Hollow Historic Area, Golden Corners House, and D. L. Bryant Distillery.

Randolph Township has seen a sharp rise in residents in recent years, with a current population of more than 25,700 people. One reason for the growing population in Randolph is that residents feel very safe in their neighborhoods. According to NJ State Police data, there are only 0.3 violent crime incidents for every 1,000 people who live in Randolph Township. The low crime rate in Randolph is a byproduct of a local police force that tries to stop violent crimes, such as murder, aggravated assault, and robbery, before they happen. Moreover, when violent crimes are committed in Randolph, police are quick to make arrests and prosecutors tend to seek maximum penalties.

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