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Seasoned Criminal Defense Attorneys Representing Clients In Morris County & Beyond

Whether you committed a criminal offense or you have been wrongly accused of a crime that you did not commit, you have constitutional rights and you deserve the best possible legal defense. Unfortunately, the NJ criminal justice system is extremely complicated and it can be difficult to navigate. That’s why you need a knowledgeable attorney handling your case from the very beginning. One mistake while being questioned by police could prove fatal to your case and result in you being convicted at trial. An experienced criminal lawyer can make sure that you avoid incriminating yourself. Beyond that, a skilled criminal defense lawyer can protect your legal rights by filing all the necessary legal motions and by negotiating with the prosecution to get your charges dismissed or downgraded.

If you were arrested and charged with a crime in Parsippany-Troy Hills, NJ, the experienced criminal lawyers at Hanlon Dunn Robertson Schwartz can help you fight the charges and avoid the most severe penalties. Call us anytime to explore your legal options.

Parsippany, NJ Lawyers Can Help If You Face Charges for Marijuana Possession or Other Drug Crimes

Hanlon Dunn Robertson Schwartz is a Morris County law firm that has been defending clients against felony-level criminal charges and disorderly persons offense charges for nearly four decades. During that time, the Hanlon Dunn criminal lawyers have represented clients charged with all types of crimes:

At Hanlon Dunn Robertson Schwartz, the experienced litigators know how to examine the evidence and strategize to win your case. The Hanlon Dunn criminal defense lawyers will negotiate with opposing counsel and do what is necessary to get your criminal charges dismissed in advance of trial.

Why Choose Hanlon Dunn Robertson Schwartz?

Hanlon Dunn Robertson Schwartz is a Morris County law firm that never backs down from a fight in the courtroom and that never rests until the case is over. The firm’s criminal defense attorneys include Robert Schwartz, Robert Dunn, John Robertson II, and Gerard Hanlon. Mr. Schwartz, Mr. Dunn, Mr. Robertson, and Mr. Hanlon have decades of experience defending clients against criminal charges in Parsippany and everywhere else in Morris County, New Jersey.

The members of the Hanlon Dunn legal team have received the Super Lawyer designation, which indicates that they are recognized by their peers for professional achievement that includes successfully defending clients in NJ criminal cases and DWI cases. Whether you’ve been charged with marijuana possession, simple assault, Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), or any other offense in Parsippany, you can count on the experienced lawyers at Hanlon Dunn Robertson Schwartz to get the job done for you.

Call Skilled Parsippany-Troy Hills, NJ Criminal Defense Lawyers

Were you recently arrested and charged with a crime or disorderly persons offense in Parsippany-Troy Hills? Then you will probably need to answer the charges in either Morris County Superior Court or Parsippany Municipal Court. You are also going to need a skilled attorney who is prepared to negotiate with the prosecutor before trial and stand up for you in court, if necessary. The Parsippany criminal defense lawyers at Hanlon Dunn Robertson Schwartz have decades of experience fighting on behalf of clients throughout Morris County, New Jersey. We will work hard to get your charges dismissed before trial or to get you acquitted of the charges at trial. Contact the Hanlon Dunn legal team anytime to discuss your case.

About Parsippany-Troy Hills, New Jersey

Parsippany-Troy Hills is a township in the eastern part of Morris County, NJ. The township was previously known as Parsippany-Troy, but the name was changed to Parsippany-Troy Hills in order to avoid confusion with a similarly named city in New York. These days, Parsippany-Troy Hills is commonly referred to as just “Parsippany.” Parsippany has a residential population of more than 53,000 people and a total geographic area of more than 25 square miles. Unincorporated communities in Parsippany include Greystone Park, Lake Hiawatha, Rockaway Neck, and Tabor.

Parsippany-Troy Hills is an extremely popular place to live because the township has one of the lowest crime rates in New Jersey. (In fact, the violent crime rate in Parsippany is among the lowest in the United States.) A major reason for the low crime rate is that the Parsippany Police Department has been cracking down on violent crimes and drug distribution in recent years. Parsippany cops also frequently patrol local roads and highways in search of drunk drivers and motorists committing traffic infractions.


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