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In New Jersey, if you have committed a low-level minor offense, you are not seen as a threat to the public. Being arrested for or convicted of a crime can be one of the scariest moments of your life, especially if this is the first time you have had experience with the criminal justice system. New Jersey believes in doing whatever it takes to deter future criminal behavior by those who might not be likely to commit a crime again. If you are somebody who has committed a minor crime and you find yourself facing penalties that you do not want to follow you through life, you might be interested in learning more about New Jersey’s pre-trial intervention program. This is the best way to explore your options and move forward with your case.

Information About the Pre-Trial Intervention Program in Washington Township, Roxbury, and Throughout NJ

What is the pre-trial intervention program and how is it making a difference in the lives of many citizens of New Jersey? For those who have no criminal record or a very limited one, the pre-trial intervention program (also referred to as PTI) is a specialized rehabilitative approach to the criminal justice system to help offenders move forward after one minor mistake changed their lives.

At Hanlon Dunn Robertson & Schwartz, our experienced criminal defense attorneys understand that crimes don’t just happen, but instead are caused by the backgrounds of the individuals who committed them. In some cases, there are financial issues that lead to a crime or even mental health and addiction issues that need to be addressed so that the suspect can gain the help they need during this difficult time. We believe that incarceration alone is not a successful way to put an end to crimes and wish to help you gain the rehabilitation you need so that future crimes can be deterred and you can have a renewed sense of justice to move forward.

Many people believe that PTI is strictly a conviction. This is not the case if you work with the criminal justice system and complete the program to avoid the conviction. We will explain the process briefly in the next section.

Pre-Trial Intervention Program Process in Rockaway Township, Mount Olive, and Throughout NJ

Here are the steps that will follow when you have spoken to your attorneys about the possibility of completing the PTI program:

  • Enter Program: You discuss the program with your attorney and the prosecutor and/or judge assigned to your case so that you can find out more about the parameters of what will be expected of you. You then decide if you want to move forward with PTI.
  • Learn Conditions: Certain conditions will have to be met while you are enrolled in this program. You will have to abstain from drugs and alcohol, avoid certain environments that you were in at the time of the crime, pass drug and alcohol screenings, and many other aspects that are imperative to program completion.
  • Completion of Program: If you successfully complete the program, you will likely not face conviction. However, to truly face the issue of your criminal record, you will have to speak with your attorney about expungement so that your record can start fresh.
  • Failure of Completion: If you violate the conditions of PTI and fail to complete the program, then you will start back at the beginning and have to endure the criminal system once more and any disadvantages it might bring. You might face the reality of prison rather than get to start with a fresh criminal record, which is why you are encouraged to maintain the best status in PTI.

Individuals always ask, Is PTI considered probation? And this is not exactly true. Though you will find that there are many similarities between PTI and probation, as it is overseen by the same department, it is meant to work as a diversion program which is structurally different than probation in many ways. Probation is seen as a punishment to a crime, and PTI is seen as an alternative to avoid a conviction. Both are very different from one another. Simply put, probation will still leave you with a criminal conviction at the end. PTI will not leave you with one.

Eligibility for PTI in Parsippany, Randolph, and Throughout NJ

One of the biggest questions that you might have is who is eligible for the pre-trial intervention program. If you have been charged with a very serious crime such as a felony like murder, sexual assault, or manslaughter, you will likely not be eligible for this program. If you have been charged with a first-time offense that is drastically less serious, you will typically qualify. Of course, there are other rules that apply as well.

  • The PTI program is not for juvenile offenders but instead for adult offenders. Many other programs have been put in place for juveniles.
  • PTI is only meant for New Jersey residents. If you have been arrested in New Jersey, you will be able to apply and possibly qualify.
  • You cannot become eligible for PTI if you are facing a crime in federal court.
  • Offenses that would normally lead to prison time qualify.
  • If you are a repeat offender, you will probably not qualify.
  • If you are on probation or parole for another crime, you may apply. However, it is rare that you will be accepted into PTI.

You must also remember that there is a cost of $75 to enter into PTI and the process can be more complex than expected. This is why, through any step of the criminal justice system, you should have an attorney on your side who will protect your rights at all times.

Contact a New Jersey Pre-Trial Intervention Attorney at Hanlon Dunn Robertson & Schwartz Today

If you are new to the criminal justice system and unsure of where to turn during this difficult and complicated time, we do not want you to feel alone. We represent clients for pre-trial intervention anywhere in Morris County, NJ, including Mount Olive Township, Morris Township, Pequannock Township, Hanover Township, Lincoln Park, Roxbury Township, Parsippany, Mendham Township, Netcong, and Riverdale. Please contact an attorney that you can rely on today at Hanlon Dunn Robertson & Schwartz.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pre-Trial Intervention

FAQ: What happens if all conditions of PTI are not met – does this mean I am automatically taken out of the program?

A hearing will be held where this will be determined. If you believe that you have not complied with the terms of the PTI program, there is a likely chance that you will not be permitted to complete the program and you might return to square one. In other cases, this might be dismissed and you could carry on depending on the offense.

FAQ: What happens if I believe I did not have a fair chance when applying for PTI?

Not everyone will be accepted into PTI but perhaps you believe that you have been unfairly denied that chance or certain circumstances led to your denial that can be explained if you are given the chance. You have the right to appeal this decision with the help of your attorney.

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