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Getting Charges for Assault Dropped

Being charged with assault is common in many cities. Although assaults do occur in more rural areas, law enforcement officers often find assault allegations arise more in areas of dense population. Typically, these accusations occur with those in a relationship but assault may occur in other contexts as well. Sexual assault, aggravated assault, assault of […] Read More

Factors Courtrooms Analyze When Making Custody and Visitation Decisions

When a couple who has children together decides to split up, they are forced to come to an agreement about custody and visitation between the parents and the children. In many situations, courtrooms help parents come to a reasonable agreement, and they also enforce the agreements when one or more parties refuse to cooperate. Custody […] Read More

Consulting with a Criminal Defense Attorney

Despite a widespread awareness about an individual’s right to a criminal defense attorney, most people aren’t clear on when to utilize this important right. There are certain circumstances in which hiring a criminal defense attorney is vital, but there are other situations that may not warrant a lawyer. It’s also important to consider various attributes […] Read More

NJ Resident Charged with Murdering Brother and His Family

On November 29th 2018, New Jersey resident Paul Caneiro was charged with starting a fire at his brother’s home. The fire ultimately killed Caneiro’s brother, sister-in-law and the couple’s two young children. The Crime On November 20th, police and paramedics rushed out to the home of Keith Canerio after nearby neighbors reported that the home […] Read More

Wanted NJ Fugitive Captured in Delaware

Norman J. Kacewich, a 30-year-old resident of New Jersey, has been a fugitive for years until police finally tracked him down in Delaware in November 2018. Wanted NJ Man Apprehended in Delaware Norman Kacewich’s legal troubles began back in 2013. At the time, he was in a romantic relationship with Kandise Dixey. The relationship took […] Read More

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