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Stealing From Work In New Jersey

Tough circumstances, such as paying child support, rent, or other financial obligations in arrears, can drive people to do some pretty uncharacteristic things, such as committing a crime to pay the bills. A retail or restaurant employee might view their employment as an opportunity to steal. They reason that if small amounts of money go missing, the […] Read More

Dealing With A False Police Report In NJ

Learning that you’re the subject of a police report can be frightening and disturbing. You can suffer reputational harm in the community. Personal relationships, school, and work opportunities may suffer. Of course, the worst possible situation is when a police report naming you is entirely false. The act of filing a false police report against […] Read More

Penalties For First-Time Shoplifting Offenses In NJ

According to a 2015 study performed by Hayes International, there are approximately 320 million incidents of shoplifting each year in the U.S. Shoplifting is a serious crime. Those accused of shoplifting benefit from experienced legal representation to protect their legal rights. If a New Jersey resident is accused of a first shoplifting offense, it’s important […] Read More

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