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Is It Possible to Withdraw a Plea?

When you’ve been charged with a crime, dealing with a complex and unfamiliar criminal justice system can be overwhelming. If you are offered a plea deal, you may accept it before carefully considering the terms of the deal or its effect on your future. If you have agreed to plead guilty or have already pled […] Read More

Family Law & Divorce FAQs

When a married couple decides to get divorced, questions typically arise over previously shared property rights, child custody, and spousal support. The two parties may not agree on how to best resolve a disagreement, and mediators or the court system may have to step in to resolve the situation. If you are unable to come to […] Read More

Top Five Things to Do If You Get Arrested

Don’t let a simple error in judgment negatively affect your freedom and your future. If you made a mistake and were arrested for a crime in NJ, it is critical that you take steps to avoid making matters worse. Moreover, even if you are completely innocent of the charges, a false accusation can still destroy […] Read More

The Consequences of Violent Crime in New Jersey

A violent crime occurs somewhere in New Jersey every 22 minutes, according to the 2014 Uniform Crime Report. A non-violent crime happens in Jersey every three and a half minutes. In addition: A New Jersey murder happens in every 24.1-hour period A New Jersey rape happens every 9.5 hours A New Jersey robbery occurs in […] Read More

What Happens When You Are Arrested In NJ?

Being arrested is often a frightening and humiliating experience. Whether this is your first arrest or you’ve been arrested in the past, the experience is almost always stressful. Much of the stress or fear about what comes next is a natural response. Few of us know what to expect during and after an arrest. Most […] Read More

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