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How Long Does It Take To Settle An Auto Accident Case?

New Jersey car accident

Settling a Car Accident Case

If you are in an auto accident and suffer injuries and vehicle damage as a result, you may be wondering how long it takes to get compensation from the at-fault driver. After all, car crash victims can sit in a kind of limbo until liability is decided, meaning that they might be paying for their injuries out of their own pockets. They might also be unable to work or be without transportation for a significant amount of time. So how long does it take to settle a car crash, and what factors can affect that time?

The Basics Of Car Crash Settlements

Because car accidents happen every day, there is a general order of operations that happens in the aftermath. If it is clear who is at-fault in the collision, and the insurance companies can agree on a fair amount for compensation, a case can be settled in a few months. The hang ups come when the sides disagree on fault distribution and injury severity, which can turn an open and shut case into a months long negotiation process, or even a lawsuit.

Nature And Severity Of Injuries

One of the most common hang ups when it comes to settling car crash cases is what caused the victim’s injuries, and the price tag of treating those injuries. This is especially problematic for soft tissue injuries, especially when the affected area is the neck or back, like those injuries that happen from whiplash during the crash. But in some cases the insurance company will dispute that it was the car crash that was the cause of these injuries, or that the victim is overplaying the severity of the injury for more money. That is why it is so important to see a doctor as soon as possible after the crash to get proper treatment and documentation of your injuries and the type of future care you might need. The more evidence you can get on this, the less opportunity the insurance companies have to debate and negotiate a settlement figure. Remember, the law requires that insurance companies promptly and fairly settle all valid claims to the best of their ability.

Accident Fault Issues

With some accidents, it is easy to determine who the at-fault party should be. But this is not always the case, especially if there are more than two vehicles involved in the collision. This is when insurance companies will take their time to research the circumstances of the crash and negotiate with one another to assign fault. They may need to wait on police reports, interview witnesses, or hire investigators to come to a decision. Most of the time, fault is divided amongst the various drivers and other parties through percentages, and agreeing which party should be assigned with the larger share is often a point of contention. This is another way that a settlement can be delayed, and sometimes this issue can be so contentious that a lawsuit is the only way to settle it.  

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