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Driver Tips to Help Keep Motorcyclists Safe on the Road


More often than not you hear them coming before you see them — motorcyclists that is. And unfortunately, there are many motorists on the road that never actually do see them or take the time or make the effort to do so.

It really should not be hard to share the road with a motorcycle rider, especially since both you and a rider are just hoping to arrive at a preplanned destination in one piece. With that being said, here are a few tips to help keep every one on the road safe and sound:


  • Don’t drive distracted – this should go without saying because it will not only help with motorcyclists on the road but also with other motorists as well. Put down the food, the cellphone and ignore your loud passengers and music. It is your job to be alert and attentive to others on the road. This also means being well rested before driving.
  • Use mirrors – the mirrors in a vehicle are there for a reason: to help you see some tough to see spots. Still, there are blind spots and because motorcycles are much smaller than vehicles, a rider can easily fall into a blind spot. That means checking and double checking your mirrors before making a turn or changing a lane.
  • Utilize safe following distance – a lot of motorcyclists end up rear ended by a driver following to close. A motorcycle can stop much quicker and in a much shorter distance than a car or truck traveling at the same speed. Leave some extra space than you normally would to ensure everyone stays away from a collision.
  • Use turn signals – again, this should go without saying as it is something that helps everyone on the road. Use your signals when turning or changing lanes, letting motorcyclists know what your next move is. This will help them give you ample space to do your driving.
  • Share the road – in the same way you give a motorcycle sufficient stopping room, you also need to give them the whole lane. Just because a motorcycle is smaller does not mean you can be in the same lane as them and ride side-by-side.


Motorcycles are a lot of fun and the experience of riding one is hard to compare to anything else. But those things that make a motorcycle so thrilling also make it dangerous to ride, especially if in an accident.

So follow the aforementioned tips to keep everyone on the road safe and make it to your respective destinations in one piece.

Unfortunately, there are those that drive recklessly regardless of the situation, which leads to accidents that can be life altering, especially for a motorcyclist. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident then you should contact an experienced lawyer.

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