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Tips for Handling the Aftermath of a Hit and Run in NJ

Hit and run accidents happen all too often throughout New Jersey. They cause thousands of dollars in property damage and lead to tragic injuries and even death. A hit and run accident that leaves you injured can change your life in an instant. What you do following a hit and run can either help or […] Read More

Serious New Jersey Accident Injures Baby and Two Others

A serious accident in Bayonne, New Jersey left three children injured, including a baby that was pinned as a result of the crash. The car accident happened on Halloween night and the grandmother of the children injured decided to speak with the local news station about what transpired. The accident involved two vehicles at the […] Read More

What to Do If You Are Hit by a Car While Walking in NJ

When you head out on foot, you may not be thinking too much about your safety as a pedestrian. In fact, walking probably seems like a very safe means of getting from one place to another. Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents happen, and they are some of the most dangerous accidents on our roadways. When you’re on […] Read More

My Car Was Totaled, But I Still Owe Money On It

Experiencing a totaled vehicle is a complete inconvenience. Your car might be your one form of transportation that gets you to and from work each day. To lose it in an auto accident is unfortunate. On top of that, if you are still financing your car at the time of your accident, you are still […] Read More

Why You Should Keep an Accident Journal in NJ

Accidents that result in injuries can be traumatic. It’s not uncommon for victims to have difficulty recalling exactly what occurred right before, during or immediately following a serious accident. Over time, you may also forget important details about your injury, the accident, evidence or important witnesses. For these reasons, it’s advised that victims keep a […] Read More

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