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Is It Possible to Get Criminal Charges Dropped?

Facing criminal charges can be a harrowing experience, whether you are a first-time offender or repeat offender. If you end up convicted, your life will forever be impacted. Having a criminal conviction on your record could make it much more difficult for you to get a job. It can even make it so you are […] Read More

My Car Was Totaled, But I Still Owe Money On It

Experiencing a totaled vehicle is a complete inconvenience. Your car might be your one form of transportation that gets you to and from work each day. To lose it in an auto accident is unfortunate. On top of that, if you are still financing your car at the time of your accident, you are still […] Read More

NJ Medical Marijuana Program to Double in Size

Supply and demand is one of the most fundamental concepts of economics. Demand is the quantity of a product that is desired by buyers and supply is how much the market can offer. In New Jersey, the medical marijuana program is facing a high demand, leading to Gov. Phil Murphy’s administration to call for up […] Read More

Why You Should Keep an Accident Journal in NJ

Accidents that result in injuries can be traumatic. It’s not uncommon for victims to have difficulty recalling exactly what occurred right before, during or immediately following a serious accident. Over time, you may also forget important details about your injury, the accident, evidence or important witnesses. For these reasons, it’s advised that victims keep a […] Read More

The Difference Between Fault and No-Fault Divorce in NJ

In the state of New Jersey, married couples can file for a divorce based on fault or no-fault. These distinct categories are important because couples who are seeking a no-fault divorce will be required to separate for a period of 18 consecutive months. This separation period is important to courts because it proves that there […] Read More

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