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Facing Criminal Charges When You Are Innocent

While it may not be the most common occurrence, criminal charges can and do get filed against innocent suspects. These mistakes can happen simply because of a police report that does not contain all of the facts. Sometimes, when a prosecutor responsible for filing decisions sees a case, all that is available as information is […] Read More

Driver Tips to Help Keep Motorcyclists Safe on the Road

More often than not you hear them coming before you see them — motorcyclists that is. And unfortunately, there are many motorists on the road that never actually do see them or take the time or make the effort to do so. It really should not be hard to share the road with a motorcycle […] Read More

Can Injuries and Accidents Be Prevented?

Just because accidents happen all the time does not mean that they ever really had to happen in the first place. Plenty of accidents, and the injuries that are caused by them, could have been prevented or even avoided. This aspect of an accident is often overlooked because most people are okay with “it was […] Read More

How To Choose The Best Criminal Defense Lawyer

Questions about how to choose the best criminal defense lawyer ultimately involve making a high-stakes decision. Your criminal defense attorney is someone with whom you’ll share many personal discussions. He or she may know more about you than close family members and friends. It goes without saying that your criminal defense attorney must be passionate […] Read More

How Is Child Custody Determined In NJ

New Jersey family court will always decide child custody “in the best interests of the child.” State law requires that both parents have equal custody rights: Joint custody typically refers to the legal custody of a child/children in the decision(s) made about the child’s daily life or to the physical custody. Quite often, joint custody […] Read More

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