Don't Let Your Criminal Record Haunt You

What's done is done. For whatever reason, you were arrested, charged, maybe even convicted of a criminal offense in New Jersey. However, you don't deserve to keep facing consequences associated with your case — especially after your debt to society has been paid. Seal your criminal record through criminal record expungement. Once your record is expunged, you may be eligible to possess a firearm again, you may face less scrutiny in a job interview and you may become eligible once again for federal loans (including federal student loans).

Are You Eligible for Criminal Record Expungement?

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Morristown Criminal Record Expungements Attorney — 2010 Changes in New Jersey Expungement Laws

Modifications to New Jersey's expungement laws favor individuals who have been convicted for certain crimes in New Jersey. The new laws extend eligibility to individuals who were previously barred from criminal record expungement and the laws reduce the waiting period for expungement eligibility.

  • Drug conviction expungement: Under previous New Jersey expungement laws, individuals who were convicted for certain drug crimes, such as drug distribution or drug possession with the intent to distribute, were ineligible to expunge their criminal record — regardless of the amount of time that had lapsed. However, under new expungement laws, these individuals are now eligible for criminal record expungement.
  • Felony conviction expungement: The changes in New Jersey expungement laws also dramatically reduce the expungement eligibility waiting period for individuals convicted for a felony offense from 10 years (from the end of their sentence) to five years.

Have you ever been convicted for a felony? Have you ever been charged with a felony offense? Do you have a criminal record?

Once your criminal record is expunged, you can truthfully answer NO to these questions. Additionally, any record of your arrest, criminal charges, case dismissal, guilty plea, verdict or any other matter related to your criminal case will no longer be accessible in a criminal background check.

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